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Taliban imposes ban on attending schools in eastern Afghan province

Over 20,000 students found themselves on unscheduled holidays

ABU DHABI, November 13. /TASS/. Taliban movement introduced a local ban on attending educational establishments in the province of Nangarhar in eastern Afghanistan. According to Hama Press agency, the mere instruction to close all schools and universities in the region was enough.

As the agency says, local authorities were forced to declare closure of 26 educational establishments. Over 20,000 students are on unscheduled holidays, the final date of which is still unknown. “Taliban members threaten students with violence and are ready to attack any working educational establishment," said Asif Shenvari, the head of a province department. "As a result, it was decided to halt the educational process”.

"The ultimatum followed the arrest of two Taliban militants by the security forces," he added. "And they are ready to lift the ban on educational institutions’ normal work if the administration of the force units is dismissed, the militants released and food and medications provided to the group."

"At the moment, the tribal elders negotiate with the militants the possibility of resuming the work of school," as was reported in Nangarhar.

In Afghanistan, educational institutions and their employees often become a target for the Taliban militants.

The Taliban members traditionally view secular education with suspicion. Among the militants, only religious schools are respected.