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Turkey supports Hungary's proposal to review stance on conflict in Ukraine

BUDAPEST, November 28. /TASS/. Turkey has supported Hungary's proposal to revise the West’s strategy regarding the conflict in Ukraine, but other NATO countries were not on board, said Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, who is taking part in a two-day meeting of the Alliance’s foreign ministers in Brussels.

He said that he had proposed, together with Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan, to revise the plan that NATO, the EU and Western countries in general adhered to in the conflict in Ukraine. "That plan envisioned that Ukraine would win militarily, Russia would be defeated, and this would have political consequences for Russia. I think today everybody can see, or at the very least can recognize, that this plan has failed," Szijjarto told Hungarian reporters following the first day of the NATO ministerial meeting.

"Therefore, it is necessary to raise the question that if the strategy has not worked so far, and it is clearly not working, then shouldn't we prepare a Plan B," said the top diplomat, whose speech was broadcast by the M1 TV channel.

According to him, this idea was supported only by the Turkish foreign minister, and only the two of them spoke at Tuesday's meeting about the need for a diplomatic settlement to the conflict in Ukraine. The other participants were not ready for this plan, Szijjarto added. He was disappointed by the bellicose attitude that prevailed among them. Meanwhile, "no one cares about the facts and no one wants to rethink the strategy despite its failure over the past year and a half," he said.