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Ex-Prime Minister of Belgium recognizes zero effect of anti-Russian sanctions — TV

"9 packages of sanctions and the effect is less than 0," Guy Verhofstadt tweeted earlier

BUDAPEST, January 4. /TASS/. Guy Verhofstadt, the ex-Prime Minister of Belgium and the member of the European Parliament, openly recognized that the anti-Russian sanction policy of the EU completely failed, the Hungarian news channel M1 said in a comment on the European lawmaker’s tweet.

"9 packages of sanctions and the effect is less than 0," Verhofstadt tweeted earlier. The European lawmaker that "frequently criticizes Hungary and its government and politicians standing for national interests, recognized for the first time over the long period that sanctions taken to break Russia down turned out to be inefficient," the M1 channel said, having showed the lawmaker’s tweet.

"We are rewarding Russia for its war against us," the ex-Prime Minister of Belgium said, citing a publication in the Politico news outlet, which had prepared a chart of trading indicators for Russia and the EU from February to August 2022. It followed from the chart that Russia had increased the trade turnover with all EU member-states, excluding Denmark, Finland and Baltic States. In particular, the trade turnover between Russia and Germany gained 33% (20.7 bln euro). The trade turnover with Poland moved up by 24% to 10.4 bln euro. "One picture says it all," Verhofstadt added.