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Iranian MP urges CSTO security bloc take action against US hybrid wars

Vahid Jalalzadeh stressed that Iran was among the victims of the US’ double standards

MOSCOW, December 5. /TASS/. The Collective Security Organization (CSTO) must make the correct decisions in response to the hybrid wars waged by the US against sovereign nations, Vahid Jalalzadeh, the head of the Iranian parliament's Commission of National Security and Foreign Policy, told a meeting of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly in Moscow on Monday.

"The Americans' double standards on various issues on the international agenda against sovereign states, as well as their new hybrid wars against various countries are the most important issues that ought to be discussed by the Parliamentary Assembly. Appropriate decisions must be made accordingly," the Iranian parliamentarian said.

Iran is among the victims of the US’ double standards, he stressed. States should not give up on their sovereign development, Vahid Jalalzadeh stressed. "Iran is ready to develop bilateral and friendly relations based on mutual interests, and is ready to develop lines of communication with its neighbors and within the CSTO," he added.