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EU received no information from Russia on cybersecurity dialogue, ready for discussions

The EU expects from Russia concrete constructive steps on a large number of irritants in bilateral relations, Lead Spokesperson for EU External Affairs Peter Stano informed

BRUSSELS, December 22. /TASS/. The European Union has not received official information on Russia’s readiness for dialogue on cybersecurity yet it is ready for constructive discussions within the UN framework, Lead Spokesperson for EU External Affairs Peter Stano told TASS on Wednesday commenting on the statement by Russian Special Presidential Envoy for International Cybersecurity Cooperation Andrey Krutskikh that Moscow actively proposes to Brussels to conduct collective talks on cybersecurity.

"We have not received any official information about the willingness of authorities of the Russian Federation to engage in the EU-Russia Cyber Dialogue," he said. "The EU and its Member States are open to constructive exchanges in the discussions in the UN on the application of international law and norms of responsible state behaviour in cyberspace and the Ad-Hoc Committee on cybercrime," the spokesman explained.

That said, he emphasized that the EU expects from Russia "concrete constructive steps" "on a large number of irritants" in bilateral relations. "In general on our engagement with Russia I can only recall that any substantial change in our bilateral relations would require concrete constructive steps taken by Russia on a large number of irritants in our relationship," the spokesman added.

On December 16, the Russian special presidential envoy for international cybersecurity cooperation told TASS that Moscow was actively proposing to Brussels to launch collective consultations on cybersecurity.