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China eager to cooperate with Russia on digitalization projects, says ministry

The aspects of the cooperation between two countries relate to various spheres such as 5G mobile technologies, big data and artificial intelligence, environmentally sound energy sources, energy-saving technologies, etc

BEIJING, September 30. /TASS/. The Chinese authorities are interested in deepening the economic cooperation with Russia in new promising areas, including the implementation of projects in the sector of digital technologies, the Commerce Ministry’s spokesperson Shu Jueting told a briefing on Thursday.

"China and Russia will jointly promote bilateral cooperation in new areas: we have wide prospects for cooperation in the field of the digital economy and low-carbon technologies. Both sides share the view on that and are ready to establish contacts on the projects related to network space and cutting-edge technologies," she said when commenting on the joint efforts of the Chinese and Russian governments to propel trade and economic cooperation.

Beijing is eager to actively develop programs with Russia’s participation in the sector of 5G mobile technologies, to promote big data and artificial intelligence projects, the spokesperson said. "The People’s Republic of China and Russia should strengthen the dialogue in the field of environmentally sound energy sources, energy-saving technologies, as well as step up cooperation in traditional fields of cooperating in the energy sector," she noted.