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Belarus presidential candidates release income declarations

Belarus will hold the presidential election on August 9

MINSK. July 15. /TASS/. Income declarations of five Belarusian presidential candidates were published Wednesday in the Belarusian leader administration’s newspaper.

Incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko’s declaration shows that his income for 2019 consisted solely of his salary and reached 117,068 Belarusian rubles ($48,800). The document also showed that Lukashenko does not have any properties, cars or shares.

Lukashenko’s wife Galina Lukashenko earned 5,560 Belarusian rubles ($2,300) as pensions and share revenues. She has a house to her name, a part of a house and 56 shares of the Shklov butter factory.

Belarus will hold the presidential election on August 9. On Tuesday, the national Central Election Commission convened for a meeting to register five candidates, while two people were refused registration.