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Botnet attacks on Russian resources carried out from EU, US — cyber security center

MOSCOW, June 27. /TASS/. The centers carrying out attacks on Russian Internet resources are located on the territory of the United States and the European Union’s countries, Deputy Director of the National Coordination Center For Computer Incidents Nikolai Murashov told a briefing on Thursday.

"As a rule they [botnet controlling centers] have an exact localization to keep full control over their operations. Nearly one third of botnet controlling centers are located on US soil. The controlling centers located on the territory of the EU and the US are often used for attacks on Russian information resources," Murashov said.

High-precision cyber attacks

The expert stressed that the malware for cyber attacks is constantly upgraded but the methods of countering it are also rapidly developing. Now a certain parity between malefactors and information security services is seen, he noted.

However, some sophisticated and targeted attacks known as advanced persistent threats (APT), have provoked a public outcry, Murashov said. Although their number is insignificant, they can trigger serious consequences and affect interests of millions of people. "It is much more difficult to counter these attacks."

A unique software is developed to conduct these APT attacks based on exploiting critical vulnerabilities. "Their number is kept secret on purpose because sole possession of them gives a tactical advantage," the expert said, recalling that US special services are major investors and users of the global market of computer vulnerabilities.

According to US company McAfee, 31% of botnet controlling centers are located on US soil, and another 11% in Germany, 6% in France, 5% in Algeria and 4% in Russia. IBM estimates that the US accounts for 36% of botnet controlling centers, China - 14%, France - 5.1% and Russia and Germany - 4.9%.