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Cuban top diplomat urges global community to resist interference in Venezuela's affairs

"We must stay committed to the path of dialogue," he said

HAVANA, February 20. /TASS/. The Cuban government believes that attempts to interfere into Venezuela’s domestic affairs under the pretext of a complicated humanitarian situation are dangerous, and urges the international community to make a stand in support of Venezuela’s sovereignty, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez told reporters on Tuesday.

"The government of Cuba urges the international community to stand for peace and speak against military interference into Venezuela’s internal matters," he said. "We must stay committed to the path of dialogue and unconditional respect to Venezuela’s sovereignty."

The minister added that the incumbent US administration has been putting pressure on UN member states to have its draft resolution on Venezuela, calling for new presidential elections, passed.

On January 23 Venezuelan National Assembly Speaker Juan Guaido proclaimed himself as the country's acting president. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has described it as a coup attempt and announced severing diplomatic relations with the United States. On January 28 the US imposed sancitons on Venezuela's state-owned PDVSA oil company.

Guaido was recognized as interim president by the Lima Group countries (except for Mexico), as well as by Albania, Georgia, the United States, and the Organization of American States. Several EU countries came forward with support for the Venezuelan parliament and expressed hope for new elections to resolve the crisis. Maduro was supported by Russia, Bolivia, Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Turkey.

Guaido asserts that his country is facing a humanitarian crisis. Washington declared its readiness to deliver food and medicines to the country worth over $20 million. Maduro described the initiative as a "bad and cheap show" and urged his compatriots to reject it.