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Law enforcement official says terrorist attack prevented in Energodar

It is reported that the vehicle was evacuated to a special area and detonated there

MELITOPOL, December 30. /TASS/. A law enforcement representative in the Zaporozhye Region told reporters on Friday that Russian law enforcement officials have prevented an attempted terrorist attack against Energodar civilians by Ukrainian special services that was poised to happen on New Year’s Eve.

"Russian special services, when conducting searches today, found a car rigged with explosives in the yard of a residential building in Energodar. Upon opening the vehicle, it was found to hold a 155 caliber artillery shell, with TNT and additional damage agents placed around it," the representative said.

According to the source, the vehicle was evacuated to a special area and detonated there.

"According to the information at hand, the car had been left in the yard two days earlier, which testifies to plans by Ukrainian Nazis to stage a terrorist attack in the city of the nuclear plant workers on New Year’s Eve," the representative said.

The representative said Ukrainian special services were going to use the planned attack "to accuse the Russian Federation of war crimes that kill a lot of civilians."

"A set of search measures has been organized to identify the people complicit in the plotting of the terrorist attack on peaceful citizens of Energodar," he said.

On Tuesday, Vladimir Rogov, chairman of the We Are Together with Russia civil society group, told TASS that Ukraine could stage provocations in the Zaporozhye Region during the New Year holidays, but the region is ready for them.