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Freed POW exposes Ukraine’s brainwashing methods

Maxim said that the six weeks of "re-education attempts" in the camp only "enraged him"

LUGANSK, December 22. /TASS/. A special program, euphemistically described as "repatriation into the Ukrainian family" for prisoners of war has been launched in a camp in the city of Dnepr (formerly Dnepropetrovsk), a serviceman of the Lugansk people's militia, who introduced himself as Maxim, told the media on Friday.

"They are constantly trying to brainwash people, to convert their mindset. They even have a so-called repatriation department that allegedly deals with our return to the Ukrainian family, so to say. They have created a whole program there," said the soldier, who has returned to the military service in the LPR after his release.

He said that in captivity he and other POWs were forced to speak Ukrainian and sing songs in Ukrainian. Maxim said that the six weeks of "re-education attempts" in the camp only "enraged him."

On December 12, the LPR commissioner for human rights, Viktoria Serdyukova, said that since the beginning of the special military operation, the republic had managed to secure the release of 150 soldiers of the LPR people's militia from Ukrainian captivity. All complained about torture in Ukrainian custody.