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Volunteers who went to Donbass are worthy of highest awards — Putin

According to the Russiann president, the authorities will do everything to support the volunteer movement

MOSCOW, December 5. /TASS/. Volunteers who voluntarily went to help people in the special military operation zone should be known throughout the country, they are worthy of the highest awards, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"There are a lot of worthy people among volunteers. With the beginning of the very same special military operation, many of you went directly, almost to the front line to help people there on the spot. Risking your health and life to help other people. It's amazing, because it's not an obligation. People went there out of the kindness of their hearts," he said at the ‘We Are Together’ award ceremony.

According to the head of state, the whole country should know the names of such people. "And, of course, they deserve the highest awards," Putin stressed.

In his opinion, it is the behavior of such people that makes up what is called the national identity. "They help preserve our national identity, which is at the core of Russia's strength," the president pointed out.

According to Putin, the authorities will do everything to support the volunteer movement. In conclusion, he congratulated the participants of the meeting on the International Volunteer Day and wished them all the best.