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International diving festival kicks off in Hainan's Sanya

In recent years, diving has become an attractive activity on Hainan

SANYA, April 13. /TASS/. The opening ceremony of the international diving festival took place in Hainan's Sanya, reported the local newspaper "Sanya Daily".

The opening ceremony was held at the tourist base of Wuzhidao Island, located near Sanya. Deputy mayor of the city Tan Ping noted at the event that the city authorities, together with private business, are planning to "create a new tourist image of Sanya in the hearts of diving enthusiasts." According to the deputy mayor, the local government hopes to draw "even more young tourists with high purchasing power to the island" and allow them "to experience the endless charm of a tropical coastal city."

As part of the festival, the organizers will host an underwater photography competition, charity events, sunset parties and an underwater exhibition. Moreover, they are planning to organize a creative diving competition among Chinese internet celebrities.

In recent years, diving has become an attractive activity on Hainan. According to the local authorities, the Sanya resort annually receives more than 1.5 million divers, the industry's revenues exceed 300 million yuan (about $ 46 million), and from related projects - 200 million yuan (about $ 31 million).

China's Island of Hainan is often referred to as the "Eastern Hawaii": natural landscapes, tropical forests, a developed hotel chain combined with beaches and a coastline stretching along more than 1,900 kilometers attract guests from the most remote parts of the world. Over the past five years (2016-2020), Hainan has received about 352 million Chinese and foreign tourists.