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FSB thwarts terrorist attack on military base in Central Russia

The wrongdoers intended to get hold of weapon and ammunition

VLADIMIR, August 2. /TASS/. The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) branches in the Vladimir and Ryazan regions have exposed a terrorist cell which plotted an attack on a military base, the FSB office for the Vladimir Region issued a statement on Friday.

"The criminal gang’s leader planned to attack a military base with the help of his accomplices to seize weapons and ammunition," the statement reads. "The perpetrator and his accomplices have been detained. The FSB branch in the Vladimir Region has opened an investigation under Article of the Russian Criminal Code (abetting terrorism), which carries a sentence of up to life imprisonment," the FSB added.

According to the statement, the cell’s organizer, born in 1999, comes from the Vladimir Region. Effective cooperation between the FSB offices in the Vladimir and Ryazan regions made it possible to foil the attack.