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Vincent Cassel uses Russian martial arts technique for combat scenes in upcoming film

The film is based on a true story
Vincent Cassel stars in the movie The Emperor of Paris Exponenta Film
Vincent Cassel stars in the movie The Emperor of Paris
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MOSCOW, July 22. /TASS/. Renowned French actor Vincent Cassel has used techniques of Systema, a Russian martial art, to practice combat scenes in Jean-Francois Richet's upcoming movie The Emperor of Paris, where the French actor starred, Cassel said in an exclusive interview with the Future Russia. National Projects website operated by TASS.

"Wandering on the Internet I saw a martial art from Russia called Systema and I thought there was something realistic about Systema that I've never seen in any movies before so we did some research and we used it and we had somebody in France, he wasn't actually Russian but he speaks Russian and he has spent a lot of time with some Russian military so he taught me and we really based the choreography of the fight on this," Cassel noted.

The Emperor of Paris is a thriller, based on the life of legendary 18th century French detective Eugene Francois Vidocq. The movie tells a story of a criminal, who went from prison to prison, changing his occupation until he found himself best suited for police service. Here, he created and headed the first in the world department of national security, where he served for 20 years and then became a private investigator.