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Presidential decrees are hardly implemented

The Public Chamber summed up the results of independent public monitoring of the social decrees signed by the president last May

On Wednesday, the Public Chamber summed up the results of independent public monitoring of the social decrees signed by the president last May. The Public Chamber arrived at the conclusion that Vladimir Putin's decrees had been poorly implemented and had not improved the situation. Furthermore, the 2013 budget has no funds for implementation of all decrees.

The implementation of President Vladimir Putin's May decrees increasingly often causes resentment in citizens, not gratitude, the Nezavisimaya Gazeta claims. On Wednesday, the sensations results of polls were presented at the Public Chamber which helps the president monitor the economic changes he plans. By his decrees, the president tries to improve large families' situation, make the purchase of housing easier for public sector workers and increase the salaries of teachers and doctors. However, the polls of these groups of citizens indicate an obvious worsening in the areas which Vladimir Putin seeks to improve.

Large families believe their housing problem is becoming increasingly acute and difficult to solve. In education and health care, many employees have seen cuts, not payrises. There are many more examples to cite: jobs are not provided to handicapped persons in full measure, and women who have small children find it ever more difficult to land jobs. The presidential decrees, aimed at improving the social sphere, are actually not implemented and even if they are, it is done in a perverted form.

The newspaper believes that the presidential decrees are not implementable from the point of view of funding, hence the monstrous initiatives by regions. Public Chamber members elaborated on it at a meeting on Wednesday which addressed the implementation of the socially-significant presidential decrees.

According to the monitoring, Putin's decree on providing affordable and comfortable housing for citizens is being implemented very poorly, the Moskovsky Komsomolets writes. For example, there is no cheap mortgage, while the land plots allocated to large families are unfit for construction. The allocated land is located near bogs, dump sites or cemeteries. On top of it, the land plots are not exempt from taxes. If a land plot is located in the urban area, it is quite expensive. For example, in Perm it might cost around three million roubles. Consequently, the tax makes up 390,000 roubles, a sum many large families cannot afford.

The Rossiiskaya Gazeta notes that no improvement of living condition is in sight, but not only because of the cunning local authorities, who have not taken into consideration the important signals from Moscow. The problem is that the 2013 budget does not envision funds for implementation of the president's socially significant decrees. The Public Chamber monitoring results prove it. As a result, regional budgets are overhauled in such a manner that no funds are left to fulfill other tasks. "There is an obvious threat of wage debt in the second half of this year because of a lack of funds in regional budget," Public Chamber deputy secretary Mikhail Ostrovsky said.