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Baltic Sea will not become NATO’s as Russian ports stay in place — Kaliningrad authorities

"Kaliningrad is not a threat to anyone. We live on our land and develop our region," Dmitry Lyskov stressed

KALININGRAD, February 27. /TASS/. Kaliningrad is not a threat to anyone, while some of the Baltic Sea’s ports serve as bases of Russia’s Baltic Fleet and for this reason it cannot become NATO's internal sea, despite Sweden's accession to the alliance, the Kaliningrad Region's government spokesman Dmitry Lyskov has said. His remark follows a statement by Lithuania’s ambassador to Sweden Linas Linkevicius the region would be "neutralized" in case of Russia's conflict with NATO.

Linkevicius, Lithuania’s former foreign minister, wrote on his social network X page that after Sweden was integrated into the alliance, the Baltic Sea became NATO's internal sea. He also added that Kaliningrad would be "neutralized," if Russia challenged the alliance.

"Kaliningrad is not a threat to anyone. We live on our land and develop our region. It’s our neighbors who indulge in saber rattling. For some reason they suddenly forgot 20 years of good-neighborliness," Lyskov said.

He vowed that the Baltic Sea would never become a NATO-owned sea.

"Russia has at least three major ports on the Baltic Sea - Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg and Ust-Luga. Also, the Baltic Sea is home to Russia’s naval force," Lyskov said.

He advised the European neighbors to always thoroughly study the subject that they dare comment on.