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Official reports at least three blasts in Kiev-controlled city of Zaporozhye

Earlier, an air raid alert was declared in the city

MELITOPOL, December 14. /TASS/. Three explosions sounded in the Kiev-controlled city of Zaporozhye, Vladimir Rogov, chairman of the 'We Are Together with Russia’ movement, said on Wednesday.

"As of now, my compatriots are reporting at least three blasts that have sounded in the city," he wrote on his Telegram channel.

Rogov told TASS that according to preliminary reports, an air defense system went off, which was probably shooting down the kamikaze drones Geranium.

"According to eyewitnesses, three explosions were heard, two explosions could be seen directly in the sky, but after the third explosion, smoke rises on the ground. Either the drone was shot down and fell, or hit the target, we are still clarifying," Rogov said.

Earlier, an air raid alert was declared in the city.