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New structures to replace OSCE considering polycentric world, says former envoy to Russia

The former ambassador of the Lugansk People's Republic in Moscow believes that new centers of power will be formed on the basis of Russia, China and Iran

MOSCOW, December 2. /TASS/. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has fully degraded as an entity ensuring security, but when Western leaders realize again the necessity to reach agreements it may be replaced by new structures considering the polycentric nature of the world, a former head of the LPR’s (Lugansk People's Republic) mission in Moscow Rodion Miroshnik told TASS.

Such organizations as the OSCE were established in the 1970s "on the basis of the search for parity and treaty platforms between the Soviet Union and the US in a binary world system," he said.

"The West attempted to ruin this system over the past decade, deciding to use those organizations solely in its interests. If Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov officially states that the OSCE was used as a spy organization for the benefit of Ukrainian armed groups, it is an indelible complaint against the international organization, whose task is to settle conflicts, which should essentially be above the situation and in no case lean toward any of the sides. In this case this is an assertion of its full degradation," Miroshnik stressed.

Asked about new organizations aimed at ensuring security and able to efficiently fulfill this work that may emerge, he said that this is possible, but they "should be built on a new basis."

"They will consider the polycentric nature of the world. Meaning the presence of various centers of force, and at those platforms the mechanism of searching for a balance and finding compromises and agreements will function. It is already obvious that the OSCE, same as a number of other international organizations, do not suit for it," a former head of the LPR’s mission to Russia noted.

New centers of forces are being formed on the basis of Russia, China and Iran, he said. "Those are such organizations as the SCO, BRICS. And then they and Western entities will probably search for a certain compromise," Miroshnik concluded.