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Senator accuses Ukrainian envoy of Nazism after her criticism towards Pope Francis

The vice-speaker of the Federation Council believes that the diplomat humiliated herself with such words

MOSCOW, November 8. /TASS/. The remarks made by the Ukrainian Ambassador to the US Oksana Markova, who said that cruelty is "naturally inherent" to Russians in response to the Pope’s conciliatory words on Russia and Ukraine, are nothing that a display of Nazism, says Russian Federation Council Deputy Speaker Konstantin Kosachev, adding that the diplomat humiliated herself with such words.

"Any attribution of any features to any nationality is pure Nazism, Mrs. Markarova. It is sad that they did not teach you that, both in the Kiev-Mogila Academy, or in the Indiana University Bloomington, US. On the second thought, maybe this is exactly what they taught to the likes of you," the senator said on his Telegram channel.

He quoted a poem by Marina Tsvetayeva. "The fuhrer is followed by furies. This is exactly about you and those like you. With the lowest-case ‘f’. You cannot be humiliated any further than you did yourself," Kosachev noted.

Speaking at a press conference aboard a plane returning from Bahrain, Pope Francis said he respects the Russian people and values its humanism. The pontiff mentioned Dostoyevsky’s works, which he said still inspire Christians. He underscored that he feels a true sympathy and loves both Russian and Ukrainian people. Speaking about the conflict in Ukraine, the Pope said that he does not believe in cruelty of the Russian people, because ‘Russian people are great people.’ The Pope speculated that the responsibility lies with the "mercenaries, the soldiers who go to war like an adventure."

In response, Markarova criticized the Pope and said that the pontiff misunderstands Dostroyevsky’s works, which he considers a proof of Russian humanism. In Markarova’s opinion, cruelty is "naturally inherent" to the Russians.