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Putin to skip G20 summit in Bali, Indonesian President believes — report

According to Joko Widodo, there is currently a "very concerning" increase in international tensions

LONDON, November 7. /TASS/. Indonesian President Joko Widodo believes that Russian leader Vladimir Putin will not come to the G20 summit, which will take place in Bali on November 15-16, he said in an interview for the Financial Times Monday.

According to the report, Widodo said he has a "strong feeling" that Vladimir Putin will not attend the G20 summit.

The Indonesian President pointed out that Russia is still invited to the summit, and Jakarta hopes to facilitate a dialogue between states. According to Widodo, there is currently a "very concerning" increase in international tensions.

"The G20 must not be a political forum. It must be dedicated to the economy and development," Widodo said.

On Monday, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov promised to announce next week if Putin would go to the G20 summit or not.

Previously, the Indonesian Foreign Ministry said that only 17 national leaders have confirmed their participation in the summit so far. Jakarta refrained from naming the countries that have not announced their decision yet. Neither Russia nor Ukraine - whose leader Vladimir Zelensky was invited despite Ukraine not being a G20 member - have said if their leaders will take part in the meeting.