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Russian army begins to use Orlan-10 drone against Ukrainian armor — media

The drone has a range of 110 kilometers

MOSCOW, May 13. /TASS/. The Russian army has begun to use the multifunctional drone Orlan-10 for strikes against Ukraine’s light armor with high explosive fragmentation ammunition, the television channel Zvezda said on Friday.

"In the course of the special operation the Russian army has for the first time used the newest version of the drone, which is capable of delivering high accuracy strikes against surface targets and hit manpower and materiel. Drone operators find targets and drop high-explosive fragmentation bombs from an altitude of two kilometers," the television channel said.

The shells are placed in special containers suspended under the drone’s wings. The drone has a range of 110 kilometers. The full set of ammunition consists of four shells capable of hitting motor vehicles, mortars and manpower. The latest version of Orlan-10 is capable of destroying light armor.

Orlan-10 is Russia’s multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicle designed for remote air monitoring of ground and water surfaces, for spotting targets round the clock in any weather and for detecting and identifying GSM and cellular base stations.