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Putin sets task to create new-generation army in Russia

Russia should be among the leading states, the president said

BALASHIKHA, December 22. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said at an enlarged board meeting of the Defense Ministry on Friday that Russia should build a new-generation army.

"Russia should be among the leading states and in some areas it should be an absolute leader in building a new-generation army, an army of the epoch of a new technological level," Putin said.

As the Russian leader said, "in the coming years, it is necessary to continue consistent work for the qualitative development of the Armed Forces."

"We see that the world is experiencing a true revolution in the economy, technologies and knowledge. It is obvious that such profound transformations cannot but influence the military sphere and the state of the armies of the world’s leading countries," the Russian leader said.

Putin stressed that "we need not simply to take into account these trends but to include them in the basis of military planning and military development."

Russia’s supreme commander-in-chief said he was confident that the creation of a new-generation army "is important for ensuring our sovereignty, the peace and security of our citizens, for the country’s confident development and for open and independent foreign policy in the interests of our country.".