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Russian forces foil Kiev’s attempt to redeploy troops to battle zone – Defense Ministry

Early on Monday Kiev made an attempt to strike military airfields with the use of Soviet-made drones. Three servicemen were fatally wounded

MOSCOW, December 5./TASS/. The Russian Armed Forces have disrupted the transfer of Ukrainian Armed Forces’ reserves and foreign weapons to battle zones with a massive precision strike after Kiev’s attempt to bombard two military airfields in the Russian Ryazan and Saratov regions, the Defense Ministry told reporters on Monday.

"The strike disrupted the rail redeployment of Ukrainian armed forces’ reserves, foreign weapons, military equipment and ammunition to the areas of combat operations," the ministry said.

According to it, early on Monday Kiev made an attempt to strike military airfields with the use of Soviet-made drones. The Ukrainian drones flying at low altitude were intercepted by the air defenses of the Russian Aerospace Forces, it said.

Their debris slightly damaged the hulls of two Russian aircraft. Three servicemen were fatally wounded and four were hospitalized with wounds. Despite Kiev’s attempts to disrupt "the combat activity of Russian long-rage aircraft through a terrorist attack," a massive strike with high-precision air-and sea-based weapons was carried out at about 3:00 p.m. on Monday "on the military command system and related facilities of the Ukrainian defense complex, communications hubs, energy system and military units. The aim of the strike was achieved. All the designated 17 objects were hit," the ministry said.

Earlier, Saratov Region Governor Roman Busargin wrote on his Telegram channel that law enforcement officers were checking information on incidents at military facilities of the region's city of Engels after information appeared on Telegram channels about loud bangs at the airfields. He said no emergencies had been reported at civilian facilities in the city.

Emergency services told TASS on Monday that an explosion rocked an aircraft parking ground at the airfield outside Ryazan, in which three people were killed and five were injured.