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Allied forces gain fire control of all major roads on Artyomovsk front

It was added that a withdrawal of Ukrainian heavy military equipment has been registered on this direction

MOSCOW, December 1. /TASS/. Allied forces have made significant advancements on the Artyomovsk front and attained fire control of all main roads, Igor Kimakovsky, adviser to the DPR acting head told the Soloviev Live TV channel on Thursday.

"On this [the Artyomovsk] front the advancement is more significant because here we are already in full control of [the situation], we have fire control of all the major roads, and the adversary, particularly lately, has been forced to move their units and maneuver their forces and means basically through fields," he said.

The official added that a withdrawal of Ukrainian heavy military equipment has been registered in this direction. "There is even information already that the pullout of heavy equipment from Artyomovsk is underway but this may be a rotation or it can be a withdrawal of equipment but the fact that the equipment is being pulled out to some backup locations is being confirmed both by people from the other side and by our intelligence," he explained.

On November 30, Gorlovka Mayor Ivan Prikhodko said that the Kurdyumovka settlement located to the north of Donetsk and Gorlovka and to the south of Artyomovsk was liberated. According to him, this provided the allied forces with full control over the Gorlovka-Artyomovsk highway.

On November 29, the DPR territorial defense headquarters reported that allied forces took control of the communities of Pershe Travnya and Andreyevka. As acting DPR Head Denis Pushilin specified, these are the outskirts of Artyomovsk. According to him, taking control of these communities and Kurdyumovka blocks the supply routes of Ukrainian troops.