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Putin highlights importance of developing trustworthy relations in security sphere

The International Army Games have helped strengthen friendly ties for several years now, Russian President noted

MOSCOW, August 23. /TASS/. Trustworthy relations in military-technical cooperation and security are very important and the International Army Games have helped strengthen friendly ties for several years now, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his greetings to the organizers, participants and guests of the Army-2020 forum and the International Army Games on Sunday.

"We understand well how important it is to develop trustworthy relations in the sphere of security and military-technical cooperation and jointly look for solutions to emerging challenges," Putin said in his greetings posted on the Kremlin’s website.

"For several years now, the International Army Games have been contributing to strengthening friendly ties, to an open and well-wishing exchange of expertise. Military personnel from different countries compete in their skills and equipment operation, in combat prowess and military discipline; they test themselves for readiness to overcome serious ordeals and perform tasks in extreme conditions," the Russian president said.

The Army-2020 military and technical forum and the International Army Games are opening simultaneously this year, the Russian leader said, adding that he was certain that "their programs, which are always spectacular and eventful, will only benefit from this combination."

"Numerous guests will have the opportunity to see the capabilities of our Armed Forces, learn about the latest achievements of the Russian and foreign defense industries, as well as successful projects of international cooperation. We hope that new business contacts and promising partnerships will be established and promoted at the forum," Putin said.

"I expect that the Russian teams will, as always, demonstrate well-coordinated and seamless performance, display their best qualities and assert the growing combat potential of our troops," the Russian leader said.

"I am certain that the International Military and Technical Forum and the Army Games will be spectacular and significant events that will, of course, serve the purpose of strengthening ties between countries in the defense sphere. I wish all the participants and guests great success and all the best," Putin said.

Army-2020 forum and International Army Games

The Army-2020 international military and technical forum runs on the territory of the Russian Armed Forces’ Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center, at the Alabino training ground and at the Kubinka airfield on August 23-29. Also, some weapons will be demonstrated at the Ashuluk training ground in the southern Astrakhan Region. The demonstrations will be broadcast live on the forum’s sites at the Patriot Park.

The International Army Games that are opening simultaneously with the Army-2020 forum will end on September 5. This year, 156 teams from 32 countries will take part in 30 competitions. For the first time, teams from Afghanistan, Qatar, Equatorial Guinea, Palestine, Namibia and Guinea will take part. The competitions will take place on the territory of five states.