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AI to assist Russian military brass in decision-making, says hi-tech manufacturer

The company CEO drew a line between "assistance" in decision-making and "decision-making" itself, stressing that he means the former
CEO of the RTI Joint Stock Company Pavel Laptayev RTI Joint Stock Company
CEO of the RTI Joint Stock Company Pavel Laptayev
© RTI Joint Stock Company

MOSCOW, January 22. /TASS/. Artificial intelligence elements will be introduced into Russia’s National Defense Control Center (NDCC) during its upgrade, Pavel Laptayev, CEO of the RTI Joint Stock Company told TASS, adding that the new system will assist top military brass in their decision-making.

According to the CEO, RTI has a big contract to upgrade the National Defense Control Center and develop special software that will incorporate artificial intelligence into the center’s operations.

"Of course, the military does not plan to delegate decision making to artificial intelligence. We are developing our system in a somewhat different direction, towards decision-making assistance. So that the officers have all the required information for a sound decision, have an understanding of what forces and means are present, and what the situation is in the subordinate divisions," Laptayev explained.

He also noted that RTI’s specialists were working on NDCC’s cybersecurity. In particular, everything is being switched over to Russian software, Russian processors, and Russian systems.

The National Defense Control Center of Russia is a subordinate of the General Staff. It provides centralized combat control for the Russian Armed Forces, coordinates actions of the Fleet and the Aerospace forces, and provides information to various levels of the Ministry of Defense, among other things. The center went into service on December 1, 2014.