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Moscow, Seoul have vast potential for cooperation — Seoul mayor

Moscow and Seoul have been twin cities for 26 years

MOSCOW, June 27. /TASS/. Moscow and Seoul have a vast potential for cooperation in various spheres, including information technologies and transport, Mayor of Seoul Park Won Soon told TASS on Tuesday.

"Moscow and Seoul have been twin cities for 26 years and have a vast potential for cooperation," he said. "These are projects in the areas of information technologies, transport systems, environment-friendly city, smart city, and others. I hope our cooperation will go on expanding."

According to Park Won Soon, both capitals face similar problems. "Big cities face similar challenges: transport problems, household waste, infrastructure development. At the same time, cities have much in common. So, Moscow and Seoul can offer something to share with each other."

He made a special focus on prospects for the development of cultural ties between the two capital cities. "Russian art and literature have a rather strong influence of the Koreans. We study Pushkin’s poems at school and schoolchildren can boast of knowing at least one of his poems by heart," the Seoul mayor said. "We do believe that we can learn much from Russia in the area of art."