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US Senate discusses new anti-Russian sanctions

In general, supporters of tightening the measures directed against Russia divide them into three large blocs

WASHINGTON, June 13. /TASS/. Members of the United States Senate continue to discuss new sanctions against Russia, which some US lawmakers would like to introduce, but so far no solution seems to been found, Member of the United States Senate Ben Cardin told reporters.

This week, the Senate continued to consider a bill on imposing new sanctions against Iran and its allies for "human rights violations" in Iran and the development of ballistic missiles by Tehran. However, last week the Senate discussed including provisions from earlier bill in the document to increase pressure on Russia to speed up the process of adoption.

In general, supporters of tightening of the measures directed against Russia divide them into three large blocs.

First, allocating funds for the development of "civil institutions", "independent media" and non-governmental organizations in European countries, among other reasons to fight against Russian influence. Second, introducing new mandatory sanctions, legislatively consolidate those already in force. Third, banning the US administration to withdraw any sanctions against Russia without the approval of the Congress.

"All three parts of what we are trying to do with Russia are urgent. <…> There is a concern that there may be some conversations taking place between Russia and the United States that may very well deal with relaxing sanctions," Cardin said. "That to us would be the wrong signal. We want to make sure that the current measures are not relaxed until there is an understanding what is being achieved and that me made a significant progress," he added.