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France’s National Front leader baffled by Paris’ hostile stance towards Russia

Le Pen has always believed that "Russia and France need to maintain and develop the ties that have bound the two counties for a long time"

MOSCOW, March 24. /TASS/. Leader of France’s National Front political party, Marine Le Pen, sees no grounds for the French authorities’ hostile attitude towards Russia.

"I see no reasons that would justify the current hostile attitude of the French authorities towards Russia," she said at a meeting with Russia’s State Duma International Affairs Committee.

"We have always believed that Russia and France need to maintain and develop the ties that have bound us for a long time," she emphasized.

"In the historical perspective, our bilateral relations always developed in both the cultural and trade areas, as well as in the energy sector."

War on terror 

Russia and France should unite efforts in the fight against common challenges, primarily against Islamic fundamentalism,Marine Le Pen reiterated. 

"France already bears a heavy burden in the fight against Islamic fundamentalism, and Russia is making an unquestionable contribution to clamping down on this fundamentalism."

"I believe that to combat these challenges two our nations should unite efforts and give them a worthy rebuff," Le Pen stressed.

"This new world, which is emerging before our eyes now, is already facing two serious challenges - globalism and Islamic fundamentalism delivering blows to peace and security by terrorist attacks," she said.

Le Pen has also praised Russia’s military campaign in Syria. "Fundamentalism is slowly retreating, also thanks to the assistance of Russia, which dealt a heavy blow to it by its intervention in Syria," the French politician said.

On Thursday, Chairman of the State Duma's International Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky said that Marine Le Pen would arrive in Moscow on March 24 upon his invitation. According to Slutsky, the visit takes place "as part of close cooperation between the State Duma members and the French political circles."