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Syrian army set to continue combat activities after liberating Aleppo ― Assad

"During the talks combat activities are going on since we do not trust terrorists," the Syrian president said
Syrian President Bashar Assad EPA/SANA
Syrian President Bashar Assad

MOSCOW, December 14. /TASS/. Syria’s government forces will not halt combat activities after retaking Aleppo, Syrian President Bashar Assad said in a televised interview with the Russian Rossiya 24 channel on Wednesday.

"We are not speaking about a ceasefire," Assad said, noting hostilities were halted only in those areas where terrorists claimed their readiness either to surrender or to leave.

"During the talks combat activities are going on since we do not trust terrorists, who in many cases say one thing and do another. For instance, we have demanded to declare a ceasefire in order to regain their strength and get support with weapons and ammunition."

Aleppo’s liberation will not end up with retaking the city under control, he said. Before speaking about liberation of Syria’s other regions, "Aleppo’s defenses should be fortified."

"I mean the mop-up of Aleppo from terrorists," Assad said. "Despite the fact that the territory held by militants in Aleppo covers a few square kilometers, there are terrorists on the city outskirts and they are carrying out rocket and mortar attacks on Aleppo."

"Which city is to be liberated next depends on where the largest number of terrorists is accumulated who get logistic support from other countries," the Syrian president said.