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Syrian troops may be one step closer to gaining control over eastern Aleppo

Syrian government troops had observed ceasefire for 24 hours as was previously agreed until terrorists made a breakthrough attempt

MOSCOW, December 14. /TASS/. Syrian government troops have retaken from militants another quarter in the eastern part of Aleppo, the Russian military’s center for reconciliation of warring factions in Syria has said.

"On Wednesday afternoon government troops crossed a water canal to have gained control of the Sukari neighborhood in eastern Aleppo. The area of the city still controlled by the militants has shrunk to 2.5 square kilometers," the report says.

Syrian government troops had observed ceasefire for 24 hours as it had been previously agreed until terrorists made a breakthrough attempt on Wednesday morning:

As the reconciliation center said earlier, local warlords in the east of Aleppo on Wednesday morning breached the previous agreement with the Syrian authorities on their pullout to have resumed combat operations. The militants were to be taken out of the city to Idlib Province, still held by armed groups, but when the busses arrived to pick them up the terrorists opened fire on the convoy. Then the militants tried to break through the Syrian troops’ positions towards northwest, but that attack was beaten back.

"On Tuesday, Syrian government troops were in strict compliance with the agreements concluded with the militants to have observed ceasefire in eastern Aleppo for 24 hours," the report runs.

Earlier, the Al-Mayadeen TV channel said about 5,000 militants together with their families were to be evacuated from Aleppo at 05:00 on Wednesday. The armed groups were to leave the Salakh ed-Din quarter using a special corridor. From there, busses would have taken them to Atarib (west of Aleppo near the Turkish border). Another group of militants was expected to be taken to Idlib Province still under the control of armed gangs.

Since the end of November Syrian troops and militants have been conducting an operation against armed groups in the eastern quarters of Aleppo. The Russian center for the reconciliation of warring factions has been evacuating the population via humanitarian corridors. On Tuesday, the center said the Syrian authorities controlled 98% of the city.