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Analysts say situation in Syria is getting disastrous

Experts say peace settlement is impossible as none of the achieved agreements works

MOSCOW, September 26. /TASS/. A peace settlement in the current conditions is impossible and none of the achieved agreements works, experts said at a round-table discussion entitled Syria: For Restoring Truce and Resuming Talks.

"In Syria, an active phase of military operations is underway. None of the previously achieved agreements works," said the representative of the Syrian movement For Peace Change, Salim Ali. "It is our hope Russia will not conclude more agreements with the United States, because they merely worsen the Syrian crisis. The current US Administration has discredited itself by the latest actions in Syria. Terrorists continue to receive armaments and attack more cities with renewed force."

The president of the center for strategic studies Russia - the Islamic World Shamil Sultanov, said that the situation in Syria "is getting catastrophic and the conflict around Aleppo is going out of control."

"Great powers are unable to influence that conflict any more, while the importance of regional countries is growing," he said with certainty. "The military conflict is turning to a zero sum game. The current situation is a clear indication the estrangement is becoming confrontational."

"The bombardment near Deir ez-Zor looks pretty much like a pre-planned operation by US armed forces," said senior research fellow Konstantin Truyevtsev, of the Center for Arab and Islamic Research at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Islamic Studies. "It looks like the US armed forces are not subordinate to President Barack Obama." At the same time he drew attention to the fact that the bombardment was "a reaction to a certain success of the Syrian army in Aleppo, as well as an attempt to change the balance of force in the region.

"The United States has resorted to this tactic to make the allies, including Turkey, be more disciplined," he added.