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Fire breaks out in Communist Party office in Kiev

According to preliminary information, the fire was caused by arson

KIEV, April 10. /ITAR-TASS/. Premises on the first and second floors of the Communist Party office in Kiev, on Borisoglebskaya Street, have been destroyed in the fire, the press service of State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported on Thursday.

The fire in the four-story office building broke out at 11.20 pm Moscow time (GMT+4) on Wednesday. No injuries were reported. The fire was taken out by emergency services at 01.44 am on Thursday. The cause of fire is under investigation.

According to preliminary information, it was arson. “The cause of fire is probably arson,” said the spokesperson for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. “Fire cannot break out in three different places at the same time.”

On Wednesday, the police came to the Communist Party’s office twice. The building is controlled by supporters of the authorities in Kiev. The activists of the lustration committee “Never Again” were asked to leave the building voluntarily.

The activists rejected the police’s demands at first, but later left the building at around 11.00 pm. Twenty minutes later, the fire broke out in the premises.