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US undercover operatives conduct anti-drug operation in Venezuela targeting Maduro — AP

The operation was reportedly carried out "unilaterally and without notifying Venezuelan officials"

WASHINGTON, February 1./TASS/. The US Drug Enforcement Administration planted undercover agents in Venezuela "to surreptitiously record and build drug-trafficking cases against the country’s leadership," including President Nicolas Maduro, according to a secret memo obtained by The Associated Press (AP).

According to the document, the US was for years conducting "this operation unilaterally and without notifying Venezuelan officials," the AP said, adding that the investigation "targeted dozens of people, including Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro."

The DEA and Justice Department declined to answer the news agency’s questions about the document.

"While there's no clear mechanism to hold the United States accountable legally, the revelation threatens to roil already fraught relations with Maduro’s socialist government," the AP went on to say.

Last week, Maduro accused the CIA and DEA of trying to destabilize the country. In his view, these agencies "act independently as imperialist criminal organizations."