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Israel to get rid of Netanyahu over his decision on Gaza operation, says Erdogan

The Turkish President noted that now 60-70% of the residents of the Jewish state are against the Israeli Prime Minister

ANKARA, November 18. /TASS/. Israel will get rid of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he is forcing his country to pay a heavy price for the operation in the Gaza Strip, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview with Turkish journalists on board his plane, when returning from Germany.

"Netanyahu is done. We are getting rid of him. Israel will get rid of him and all the Jews from all over the world will get rid of him. Now 60-70% of the people in his country are protesting against Netanyahu, since he is getting both his own country and the whole world to pay a heavy price. Now everyone is sending him weapons and money, but this situation makes the countries that support him pay the price," Erdogan said, as quoted by the Anadolu news agency.