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Scholz vows he makes balanced decisions on help to Kiev to avoid escalation

The total amount of German humanitarian, financial and military support for Ukraine stands at about 22 billion euros

BERLIN, October 2. /TASS/. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has vowed that he has always made balanced decisions to support Ukraine with weapons and opposed an escalation of the situation to a point of confrontation between NATO and Russia.

"No matter how loud the discussions were, we always carefully checked each individual decision so that there be no escalation to war between NATO and Russia," he said.

The total amount of German support for Ukraine - humanitarian, financial and military - over the past 18 months amounted to about 22 billion euros. Among other things, Berlin has supplied Kiev with air defense systems and tanks.

Now the Kiev authorities have requested Taurus missiles, but Germany is in no hurry to make a decision on this issue.