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Ariel Henry’s government takes the reins of Haiti

Henry’s government will work at least until the new head of state is elected

HAVANA, July 20. /TASS/. Inauguration ceremony of Haiti’s new government, led by Prime Minister Ariel Henry, was held in the country’s capital Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, aired by the state television.

"President Jovenel Moise chose me earlier, because he saw me as a devoted democrate and a person open for dialogue, who can mediate various political forces of the country," Henry said in his inaugural speech. "All Haitians without exception must take part in solving Haiti’s problems, <…> and in the coming days I will continue my meetings with representatives of various political forces with the goal of achieving nationwide consensus."

"One of my main tasks is to convince the people that we can restore order and security," the premier added. "Together with law enforcement agencies, we are set to restore stability in order to resume normal political life."

Henry’s government will work at least until the new head of state is elected. The country’s political leaders decided not to elect an interim president for this period. The presidential and parliamentary elections in Haiti are scheduled for September 26, the runoff will be held on November 21 if necessary.

President Jovenel Moise was mortally wounded during an attack by an unidentified group on his residence on July 7. First Lady Martine Moise was also injured. Ariel Henry, 71, was appointed by Moise to the post of the country’s prime minister two days before the murder, but did not formally take office.