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Protestors tear down monument to Christopher Columbus in Baltimore

Another statue, believed to be the country’s oldest, has been spared by protestors

WASHINGTON, July 5. /TASS/. A group of protesters tore down a monument to Christopher Columbus near the Little Italy district of Baltimore (Maryland) and tossed it into the city’s Inner Harbor as the United States celebrated the Independence Day, The Baltimore Sun newspaper reported.

"A crowd of shouting protesters yanked down the Christopher Columbus statue near Little Italy, dragged it to the edge of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and rolled it with a splash into the water as fireworks went off around the city on the night of the Fourth of July," the paper said.

This monument, installed in 1984, is not the only one in the city. Another statue, located in the Herring Run Park, is believed to be the country’s oldest. So far, it has been spared by protestors.

Mass protests and unrest began in many parts of the United States following the death of Afro-American George Floyd. During his arrest on May 25 the police used excessive force. All four officers who participated in that operation were dismissed and faced official charges. The US National Guard was commissioned to help local law enforcers restore order. Nighttime curfew had to be imposed in about 40 cities, including Washington and New York.

Later, protesters in some US cities started taking down monuments to historic personalities, including to the leaders of Confederate States of America that united southern slave-owning states during the US Civil War (1861-1865). Moreover, a few statues of Christopher Columbus, an Italian navigator who is known for discovering America, were pulled down as well.