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Serbian president thanks Putin for help in battle against coronavirus

According to the press service, Vucic plans state awards for Russian military

BELGRADE, May 14. /TASS/. In a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic thanked the Russian leader for aid granted by Moscow to help Serbia battle the coronavirus pandemic, the press service of the Serbian leader reports.

According to the press service, Vucic plans state awards for Russian military.

"President Vucic extended condolences to President Putin in connection with COVID-19 fatalities in Russia, as well as expressed hope that the virus will be successfully defeated owing to resolute actions," the press service said. "Vucic thanked Putin for confirming exclusive strategic relations between Russia and Serbia through demonstrating care and dispatching medical aid," the press service cited the Serbian president.

"Serbia is privileged to have such a sincere friend as Russia, and our relations of mutual respect and trust are an honor for me," the press service quoted Vucic.

The president told the Russian leader that if Russia agreed, he was planning awards for Russian military specialists "who stanchly helped in the fight against the spread of coronavirus". Within a short period of time, Russian specialists "took under control the situation in major centers" of the infection.

The presidents expressed hope that the circumstances would soon allow an exchange of visits at the top level and continuation of the earlier planned contacts. Aleksandar Vucic also said he was glad that although the Red Square parade had been canceled, the Victory anniversary was marked properly, adding that the Russian and Serbian people respected their heroes and prevented attempts to falsify history.

Serbia earlier requested Russia’s assistance in the fight against the epidemic. On April 3-4, the Russian Aerospace Forces’ planes transported to Serbia Russian military medics, including virologists, radiation, chemical and biological protection specialists, special medical equipment, protection gear and sixteen military vehicles. The Russian specialists provided assistance in the capital and a number of other regions. They have disinfected hundreds of thousands of meters at the leading health centers and extended medical aid to patients across the country.