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Russia scraps plans to hold Immortal Regiment march in 2024 amid security threats

This year, the May 9 festivities will take the form of other events, Yelena Tsunayeva noted

MOSCOW, April 23. /TASS/. Russia has decided not to hold the nationwide Immortal Regiment event on May 9, 2024, for security reasons, said Yelena Tsunayeva, the co-chair of the movement’s central headquarters and a State Duma member.

"Due to the existing threats to public security, the central headquarters of Russia’s Immortal Regiment [movement] has made a decision to cancel holding the 2024 Immortal Regiment march," she told a news conference.

This year, the May 9 festivities will look a little different, Tsunayeva said. Thus, the organizers propose posting the portraits of people distinguished for their feats in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 on public vehicles, aircraft, and working ships and ferries as part of the Immortal Regiment campaign on May 1-12, she added.

"We propose [holding the campaign] on May 1-12. The central headquarters of the Immortal Regiment has sent letters and reached out to companies, plants, factories, ministries and agencies so that they come up with ideas to commemorate the relatives of their employees as well as prominent people in individual regions," Tsunayeva said.

In 2023, Russia refrained from holding the Immortal Regiment march, too, while Victory Day festivities were held in Moscow and across other Russian cities in a hybrid format.