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Ukrainian Baba Yaga drone found in Moscow office

According to the source, the owner of the drone is being questioned by law enforcement

MOSCOW, April 15. /TASS/. A Ukrainian-made Baba Yaga drone has been discovered in a Moscow office building, law enforcement agencies told TASS.

"A Ukrainian-made drone 'Baba Yaga' was found in an office on Partizanskaya Street. It poses no danger. The owner of the drone is being questioned by law enforcement. According to preliminary information, the man wanted to study how the UAV is constructed, and ordered it for this purpose," the agency source said.

According to him, an investigation is being carried out, after which a procedural decision will be made.

Baba Yaga is a category of agricultural drones. They are equipped with several signal receivers. The drone's technology allows it to hide its operating frequency and work even when out of radio communication.