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Opera legend Placido Domingo says fighting coronavirus strengthened his will to live

The opera legend also said that during self-isolation he watched ‘historic’ soccer games

MADRID, October 15. /TASS/. World-renowned Spanish opera singer and conductor Placido Domingo told a TASS correspondent that overcoming coronavirus has bolstered his will to live.

"My wife and I had COVID-19," the tenor said. "The illness and the isolation helped us appreciate simpler things, gave us new energy and the will to live, and, above all, [it] strengthened our bond with [our] loved ones, whom we couldn’t see or hug during those days," he explained.

"After I had recovered from COVID-19, I started devoting more time to exercise and physical activity every day. This helped me a lot," the 79-year-old Domingo pointed out. "And as soon as I could, I began rehearsing piano pieces I’d somewhat given up because I didn’t have the time due to my work and I am happy because I made significant progress. And then I concentrated on singing in order to prepare for what I planned for this summer," he elaborated.

The opera legend also said that during self-isolation he "watched ‘historic’ [soccer] games." "I like soccer which is also considered an art form. And I also found some time for reading," he noted.

Domingo specified that despite the restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic, so far he hasn’t performed without an audience. "There is no energy, nor adrenalin without an audience. The audience is part of any performance, which brings the stage alive every evening. And even though there were fewer people attending, I felt all the warmth of the audience as if it was a sold-out performance," the tenor added.