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Former Bolshoi Theater performer fined for hoax plane bomb threat

The performer will pay a fine and compensation to the airline and law enforcement authorities

KEMEROVO, May 21. /TASS/. Kemerovo’s Zavodsky District Court found a former Bolshoi Theater performer guilty of a hoax terrorism report, claiming that the plane he was on was booby-trapped with an explosive device. He will pay a fine and compensation to the airline and law enforcement authorities, the press service of the Kuzbass Linear Division of the Russian Interior Ministry told TASS.

"The convicted individual was fined with 30,000 rubles [$465]; he also redressed the damage done in the amount of more than 115,000 rubles [$1,800]. The bulk of the sum is compensation for the damage the airline had suffered due to the long delay of the flight and the damage endured by the law enforcement structures," the press service said.

This past March, a criminal case over a plane bomb hoax was launched following an incident at Kemerovo Airport. An intoxicated passenger onboard a Sibir airliner told a stewardess that there was an explosive device onboard in his bag. It was a former Bolshoi Theater performer who had flown to Kemerovo to judge a kids’ dancing contest. The man was arrested, and the other passengers were evacuated from the plane for examination. The plane took off from Kemerovo to Moscow after a three-hour delay.

The authorities also noted that the perpetrator pled guilty to the crime during the proceedings.