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Stationary plasma thruster passes development tests — design bureau

According to Gennady Abramenkov, director of OKB Fakel, there is no apparatus for the engine yet, but the company plans to offer its use in various projects, including flights to the moon

KALININGRAD, December 13. /TASS/. Development tests of the SPD-230 high-power stationary plasma thruster have been completed, Director of the Fakel design bureau Gennady Abramenkov told TASS.

"We have completed development for Roscosmos state corporation and the entire cycle of development tests in respect of the SPD-230. This effort has been done in advance; there is no spacecraft for the thruster so far," Abramenkov said.

"We will offer it for different projects: for flights to the Moon and to solve tasks of orbit raising with the use the stationary plasma thruster," the Director said.

The topic of spacecraft orbit raising with the use of stationary plasma thrusters without a transfer orbit stage is being proactively discussed at present, Abramenkov noted. Its use will make possible to significantly increase the weight of the payload brought to the orbit.