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Russian sherpa says all G20 countries ready to combat climate change

MOSCOW, July 10. /TASS/. All members of the G20 group, including the US, have expressed readiness to develop clean energy technologies and combat climate change one way or another, Russia’s sherpa to the G20 Svetlana Lukash said at a briefing dedicated to the G20 summit.

According to her, a difficult debate on the climate issues took place at the Hamburg summit, which led to "a serious agreement," even though the United States occupied a separate position. "One way or another, everyone is ready to combat climate change and cooperate with each other, despite the United States’ position on the Paris Agreement," she said. "All the same, everybody expressed willingness to fight for clean energy, even [US] President [Donald] Trump emphasized the need to ensure a clean environment and cooperate with everybody in this field," Lukash said.

She added that it was a serious achievement of Germany’s G20 presidency, as well as of the Hamburg summit. The Russian G20 sherpa pointed out that issues concerning the energy sphere and climate change had been on the G20 agenda for a long time but in 2017 "they were for the first time considered in connection with each other - as the parties addressed ways that countries can develop their energy policies and the energy sector so that less damage is done to the environment. "Mosco2w is also interested in the ‘green financing’ that the G20 has been advancing recently, because it will help implement many projects in Russia, particularly those concerning the use of the best available technologies," the Russian G20 sherpa added.