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Russian troops expanding offensive in south Donetsk area — top brass

The Defense Ministry reported that reconnaissance drones help Russian troops uncover hidden Ukrainian army positions, the amount of enemy personnel and military hardware

MOSCOW, May 30. /TASS/. Russian troops are expanding their offensive operations in the south Donetsk area, crushing Ukrainian army units near Ugledar, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Thursday.

"After liberating Novomikhailovka, Battlegroup East assault units from Sakhalin are successfully advancing towards Paraskoviyevka and Konstantinovka as part of armored groups with the support of artillery and strike UAV fire in the Ugledar sector of the south Donetsk direction in the Donetsk People’s Republic. Having pushed the frontline farther, Sakhalin assault force forward units have come close to the direct road to Ugledar: this is the sole supply hub of the Ukrainian grouping holding the city," the ministry said in a statement.

Fierce battles are raging day and night. Russian troops are using the tactic of raids by small assault groups. For example, they enter a forest belt in two groups, sealing off the flanks. One group is on foot not to disguise itself early while the other armored group attacks the enemy with heavy equipment. A tank operates in the center, shielding both groups and clearing the way for them towards enemy positions, the ministry explained.

Reconnaissance drones help Russian troops uncover hidden Ukrainian army positions, the amount of enemy personnel and military hardware. In that frontline area, they operate in the multifunctional mode: they lead infantry in real time, transmit target coordinates for artillery strikes and attack themselves, dropping explosives on enemy strongholds and exposed fire emplacements. It is largely aerial reconnaissance that helps Russian assault groups reliably knock out enemy forces from well-fortified strongpoints, it said.

"The intensity of operation of enemy UAVs has lowered compared to how they operated six months ago and their number has also dropped considerably. Now we have more UAVs in the air compared to the enemy," an UAV operator said in a video uploaded by Russia’s Defense Ministry.

"Over the period of several years, the enemy had been creating strongholds and impregnable fortresses here. However, not a single enemy unit has withstood our onslaught and pressure," another Russian assault company commander said.