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New state formations to appear on map after Ukraine’s breakup — senior Crimean official

Ukraine no longer exists as a country, Vladimir Konstantinov noted

SIMFEROPOL, March 18. /TASS/. Ukraine is in a state of disintegration, with new state formations expected to appear on its current territory, although it is premature to discuss their number and potential borders, Crimean State Council Chairman Vladimir Konstantinov said in an interview with TASS.

"New state formations are expected to be established there. How many of them will there be? It is impossible to forecast. A breakup is always difficult to gauge," he said when asked about Ukraine’s future prospects. "Of course, for us it will be important to make sure that all new state formations that will appear here do not pose a threat to us. After all, territory is not the most important thing for Russia; the Russian world has sufficient territory. What’s lacking is security," the official added.

Ukraine no longer exists as a country, Konstantinov noted. "There is some sort of formation now, which is being governed by some sort of strange people. Some call them drug addicts, while others have more offensive words for them. This is just a gang that is currently ruling over this territory. This is very convenient for exploiting the country from the outside," he stressed.

Crimea has lodged a number legal claims against Kiev for large amounts, the speaker of the regional legislature said. "We should in no case repeat the mistake that was made when Germany’s independence was restored, to allow having statehood after the large-scale crimes of the Nazi regime, without burdening it with financial responsibilities. Expurgation of the Nazi menace is necessary. This is precisely what denazification is all about. And weapons should not be given to those territories for some time. This is what demilitarization is all about. The rest is simply details. Some regions will ask to join Russia, while others will band together and create some sovereign formations. There should be a right to choose," he said.