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Putin’s remarks on respect for Quran very important amid events in Sweden — spokesman

The President noted that to infringe on the Quran in any way is a crime in Russia

MOSCOW, June 29. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s remarks regarding the unacceptability of desecration of the Quran in Russia are very important amid the recent events in Sweden, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Thursday.

"There was a rather busy trip to Dagestan yesterday; in Derbent, [Putin] visited the oldest mosque in our country, he was presented with the Quran. The President noted that to infringe on the Quran in any way is a crime in our country. Of course, it is a very important commentary amid what is happening in Sweden. We have a Criminal Code article for that," the spokesman said.

Previously, Putin visited the Juma Mosque in Derbent, where he was presented with a copy of the Quran. During the conversation, the head of state underscored that Russia deeply respects the Quran and religious sentiments of the Muslims, adding that disrespect to this sacred book is a crime in Russia. The president noted that not all countries adhere to this practice.

On June 28, the public burning of the Quran took place in downtown Stockholm. A 37-year-old immigrant from Iraq Salwan Momika, who was previously denied permission for such public display, tore pages from the Islamic holy scripture and set it on fire. Before burning it, he put bacon on his copy of the book - a particularly insulting gesture for the believers.