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Entire Dnieper’s left bank floodplain controlled by Russian forces — governor

Vladimir Saldo underscored that Ukrainian attempts to cross Dnieper are completely pointless and lead to casualties among Ukrainian forces

MOSCOW, January 24. /TASS/. Ukrainian forces regularly make unsuccessful attempts to cross River Dnieper, but the entire floodplain of the left bank is being controlled by Russian forces, Acting Governor of the Kherson Region Vladimir Saldo said Tuesday.

"Ukrainian attempts to cross Dnieper, to ferry from the right bank to the left, are being made regularly, but also fail regularly. Because almost the entire Dnieper floodplain, the entire territory is being tightly controlled by our armed forces," he said on Russian TV.

He underscored that these attempts are completely pointless and lead to casualties among Ukrainian forces.

"The commanders who give such orders are mainly [foreign] handlers and mercenaries; they do that, because they are ‘professionals of war,’ they need war, it is their job," the official said.

On Tuesday, a representative of Kherson Region emergency services told reporters that Russian forces thwarted another Ukrainian attempt to cross Dnieper. A total of three Ukrainian speedboats and a concentration of vehicles and personnel were eliminated.